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The Impact of Keep St. Pete Local Initiative

Supporting local businesses in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a cornerstone of the city's economic growth. The "Keep St. Pete Local" initiative, launched by local business owners and citizens in 2011, has successfully been the torchbearer of this mission. Through its work, the importance of buying local and the unique character of St. Petersburg is now widely recognized.

Why Supporting Local Businesses in St. Petersburg Matters

Choosing to support local businesses in St. Petersburg presents numerous advantages. Buying local strengthens the economy as a higher proportion of money stays within the community. Local businesses also shape the city's unique identity and provide more jobs for residents. Environmentally, local businesses contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Lastly, local businesses often support local causes, making St. Petersburg a vibrant place to live and work.

Ra2 Athletics: A St. Petersburg Local Business Success Story

An example of a successful St. Petersburg-owned and operated business is Ra2 Athletics. Joe Hughey and Barbie Hedge founded Ra2 Athletics with a simple goal: to create durable, high-quality performance products. Today, Ra2 Athletics has grown into a thriving business supporting a diverse community of fitness enthusiasts.

Ra2 Athletics: Embodying the Spirit of St. Petersburg

Ra2 Athletics is a testament to the values promoted by the Keep St. Pete Local initiative. They've created jobs locally and contribute to the unique character of St. Petersburg with their innovative performance products. Their story demonstrates how local businesses can support the community and flourish.

By supporting businesses like Ra2 Athletics, we can continue to promote the prosperity of St. Petersburg. Let's keep investing in our community by keeping St. Pete local!

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