Meet the Founders

Barbie Hedge

Barbie H.

  At the age of 11, Barbie knew what she wanted to do with her life - fly.  She started flight training at the age of 19 and by 24 was a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor.  She brings her passion and zeal for flying into everything she does.

  Her commitment and relentless drive can be seen in her career and in fitness training.  Also a certified personal trainer, she knows the importance of fitness as a lifestyle.

  In the air or at the gym she drives herself to the limits in all she does and encourages the same in others.  Barbie felt the athletic world was lacking in quality products and apparel.  Always searching for items that can improve her workouts and mindset, she and Joe founded Ra2.  Not just an athletics and apparel company, but a company to support a lifestyle.  One that focuses on individuality, passion, and commitment.  Just like flying, she has incorporated training into who she is at the core.
  Ra2 is an extension of her beliefs and values.  Her journey has been amazing and there is still so much to come.  


Joe Hughey

Joe Hughey

Joe started playing Judo at a the age of four, competing soon thereafter. An athlete at heart, he is driven to succeed not only in sports, but every aspect of life.  Like Barbie, Joe is passionate about living a lifestyle that is independent, committed, and holds high expectations.  

Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu only two years ago, he soon realized that there were not enough quality products to withstand the intensity he put them through.  This was the start of Joe’s journey…of all things, simply finding a tape that would rigorously hold up during practice.

While finding a community rooted in Jiu-Jitsu (Thank you, Gracie Humaita, St. Petersburg, and Kim's Martial Arts). He also, noticed that his training partners were experiencing the same problems.  A lack of great athletic gear and apparel.  Joe's journey was underway…. Buying and testing every possible brand of tape and gear, nothing was living up to his standards.  

Sharing the same dedication and commitment to their passions, Barbie and Joe founded Ra2.  A company focused on genuine individuality, passion, and commitment.  This lifestyle is not just for athletes, but for anyone who makes their passion a part of who they are.  Ra2 produces great products, but more importantly, we focus on building an inclusive community that shares our lifestyle.

Welcome to the journey.