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Ra2 Ultra Sticky Limited Edition Finger Tape

Ra2 Ultra Sticky Limited Edition Finger Tape

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Boost your performance with the Ra2 Ultra Sticky Finger Tape, specifically designed for superior finger support. Ideal for any sport - be it BJJ, Judo, weightlifting, or CrossFit, this finger tape helps prevent injuries and manage recurring issues.

Made from durable rayon material, our tape offers the perfect balance of flexibility and support. Its standout feature is the ultra-sticky compound that withstands rigorous workouts and heavy sweat, lasting through an entire training session.

Each limited-edition tin contains four .75 cm x 14-meter rolls of our premium tape, a stylish and practical addition to your sports gear. Trust in Ra2 for resilient, reliable finger support. Unleash your full potential today with Ra2 Ultra Sticky Finger Tape!

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